Youth Lights- Divya Puri

Wishes and Blessings understands that today’s youth has the power to make a huge difference in our community. Youth Lights is a forum for young minds to gain the opportunity in providing innovative solutions to major problems. School and college going children are encouraged to initiate new and original projects to develop leadership, problem-solving and oration skills. All interns leave with a new perspective on life, heartwarming memories and new friends that last a lifetime!

Interns with the kids at Nizamuddin

Our Lightiers are very talented…

Read on to find out how Divya Puri, a summer intern, felt about her internship!


Summer Internship

The shelter was hot, but the hearts were warm,

The children were few but together we could build a storm!


We started with apprehension but the bonds grew so strong,

We sang and danced and for a few hours it felt like nothing could go wrong!


We drew, coloured and learnt while having fun,

Did our activities, bowling and cricket under the sun!

Divya with Sakshi

The journey did seem long,

But their smiles lasted us long!


We shared various skills together, along with talents and lots of time,

Just in a few weeks, we grew together and a long ladder of progress we climbed!

Teaching at Modi Mills


My heart goes to them and some part of me I’ll always leave behind,

Some part of them I got with me and the time I spent there is engraved in my life!


Yes, I’ll go back whenever I get the time,

For the bond we have forged makes me feel alive!


Wishes come alive and blessings all around,

Youth Lights has surely made me see Earth taking a different round!



Divya Puri

If you want to be a part of the 2019 edition of Youth Lights, get in touch now! The programme will run from end April to end of July.


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