Nizamuddin: The Journey


When the Wishes and Blessings team was carrying out its first winter drive in 2014, they came across one Rainbasera that particularly stood out. The Nizamuddin shelter was home to many young children and women, some of whom were quite elderly. When the team was distributing winter relief, the children chatted non-stop with team members, excited to interact with people who were helping them have a warm and comfortable winter.

The conditions these children and women were living in were appaling, to say the least. Dirty grimy surroundings, poor ventilation with little to no sunlight entering the Rainbasera, and dull grey walls were enough to push the team to make a difference.

Bringing change…

In 2015, Wishes and Blessings adopted the Nizamuddin shelter and set out to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. The first step was to give the shelter a new look – Delhi Street Art brought its team of volunteers to transform the shelter and make it bright and inviting. The children were mesmerised by the painting process and even helped the artists paint the home!

Our surroundings play such an important role when it comes to mental health, a happy environment means happy people!


Delhi Street Art's painted beautiful murals!

The Daily Meals Programme was implemented as well, ensuring that all beneficiaries received three hot and healthy nutritious meals daily.

With a new look and new white goods supplied by the NGO, life was changed for the inhabitants of the Rainbasera, and happiness was in abundance.

A major setback…

However, disaster struck in 2017. The shelter was torn down with no warning. The beautiful walls, equipment, belongings… all was lost. The team and inhabitants were left watching in tears, and all seemed lost.


Destroyed tin shelter Children watch as shelter gets demolished











However, the WB family is strong and always comes together in moments of crisis. Donors were generous and made sure that all necessary items were distributed to all those affected. A new shelter home was allotted and the Nizamuddin beneficiaries found a new home.


Yummy food!  Geetanjali with the Nizamuddin kids

Present day…

Now, the Nizamuddin shelter is home to 120 women and young children. Children attend school and are on their way to building bright futures for themselves. With three hot and nutritious meals being served daily, all beneficiaries are healthy and hearty, ensuring that they can focus on bettering themselves each and every day!

Watch the video to find out more about the journey!



If you would like to volunteer or do your part to help us give beneficiaries all that they deserve, get in touch!