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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. “
Walt Disney

Dreams are often the stepping stone towards aspirations and achievements. The pre-requisites to fulfill dreams are as diverse as dreams themselves. Wishes and Blessings strives to provide the basic foundations needed to make dreams come true. In our efforts to do so, we undertake the following projects.

A home is an individuals’ nest, center of existence and the hub from where she/he undertakes daily activities. Working with homeless children and people we realise the void they feel and try to fill the same by transforming the shelters and orphanages they live in, into homes. In order to do so, we provide all the basic necessities required in a home and ensure that each resident gets love and respect in addition to basic comforts. To see how this transformation from a shelter to a home takes place see
A secure environment is one of the major components needed to realise dreams. In order to ensure the same for our shelter home children and residents, we install CCTV cameras within the premises. This enables us to monitor our homes and ensure that they are safe. Till date, We have installed cameras in 5 shelter homes and orphanages.
We believe that clean, adequately equipped and comfortable classrooms are essential for all children. However, most of the children we work with do not have access to either classrooms or schools To address this problem, we construct classrooms within schools for our children attending school and also develop make-shift classrooms within shelter homes for the children who do not go to school. Presently we have constructed two class rooms within the Nirmal Sewa School and three classrooms at our shelter homes in Nizammudin, Modi Mills and Fathepuri.