Our Projects

Birthday Manao

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Help us celebrate the birthdays of lesser privileged children by hosting a special birthday party for them.

Daily Meals Programme

Food is a necessity not a luxury. Help us provide regular, hygienic and nutritious meals to our beneficiaries by sponsoring.

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Festive Celebrations

Make our under-privileged children experience the essence of our diverse culture by celebrating festivals with them.

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Host a Special Meal Programme

Sprinkle some new flavours into the lives of the lesser privileged by organising scrumptious meal treats in our shelter homes.

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Journey to a New Class

Double the excitement of our school going children as they undertake their journey to a new class by sponsoring their books, bags, bottles and uniform.

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Special Treats

Exploration opens the minds to endless possibilities. Gift our beneficiaries the happiness of visiting new places and experiencing new adventures.

Sponsor a Childhood

Every child deserves quality education and wholesome development. Sponsor a childhood for those who have no means to experience the joys of growing up.

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Sponsor a Teacher

A helping hand, can guide our children in the right direction. Sponsor a teacher to mould their future!

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Unlimited Educational Supplies

Help us cross a significant hurdle in the path of our school going children by providing them regular supplies of stationary and other educational equipment.

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