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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela

337 million illiterate people in India are proof of the fact that access to education has remained a distant dream for a significant part of the country’s population. Children and especially girls born in unprivileged families are still denied access to basic education, endangering their social growth, prosperity and well-being. Wishes and Blessings aims to change this sad reality. By means of our varied projects, we try to ensure that every child is given an equal opportunity to learn and grow by making quality education accessible to them. We work with underprivileged and differently-abled children with an objective to empower them with knowledge along with emotional security till they are able to support themselves. Changing the world is a daunting task, but together we can change the world of at least one child today. Support us in our projects to further the cause of promoting quality education and making it accessible to all.

How many times have you seen an underprivileged child and wished you could do something? How often have you wondered how to change a child’s future but not known how to go about it? We provide you the opportunity to make a valuable difference in the lives of underprivileged children who have been denied the most basic right, the Right to Education. Read More
Teachers are the backbone of formal education and are responsible for a child’s learning and overall development. However, there is a significant shortfall of qualified teachers in most charity aided schools as a result of which underprivileged children who are provided with the opportunity to attend school fail to reap the benefits of the same. By means of the Sponsor a Teacher project, we aim to provide the children at charitable schools, shelter homes and orphanages, the exposure to quality educators and trainers and thus quality education. Additionally while doing so, Wishes and Blessings also contributes towards generating employment opportunities for qualified and deserving teaching personnel. By choosing to be a part of this project, you could help several children at one go.
Quality education requires educational aids including study material, stationery and other essentials. Wishes and Blessings ensures that the basic supplies needed to study and attend school are provided to all the children we work with, on a regular basis. Along with basic supplies, we also provide specialised materials to cater to the special educational needs of our differently abled children. We welcome you to contribute towards educational supplies for a brighter future of under privileged children.
Children belonging to underprivileged families and/or orphanages often do not have the resources or ability to purchase the essential supplies needed to undertake academic progression to a higher class. These children often use old and used articles donated to them and sometimes also have to do without basic educational essentials. To overcome this problem, we launched the Journey to a New Class project whereby we provide our school going children with new books, uniforms, shoes, bags, bottles, tiffin boxes and stationary items at the start of every academic session. This ensures that they feel at par with their classmates, boosts their confidence and makes their education journey comfortable and exciting. This project is also an incentive for our children to study hard and perform well.