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“If you can’t feed a hundred people; then just feed one.“
Mother Teresa

With over 194.6 million people who remain hungry on a daily basis and 3000 hunger deaths of children annually, India is home to the largest undernourished population in the world. Wishes and Blessings aims to address this problem by providing wholesome and nutritious meals to lesser privileged people. Initially, we hosted regular meals and small treats at the various homes we work with. Dependent on donor support, most of these were held on an ad-hoc basis as a result of which we could not ensure the regular supply of food. In order to adequately address this problem, we started the Daily Meals programme in December 2015, wherein we serve three hot and nutritious meals to homeless people on a daily basis. Currently, we have two main projects to address the hunger problem.

Wishes and Blessings believes that an empty stomach is a devil’s playground. People resort to begging stealing and other crimes, in order to meet their hunger. We aim to eradicate this problem by providing wholesome meals to lesser privileged people. Under this programme, with the help of our donors, we provide 3 hot and nutritious meals daily, to residents of our shelter homes. Currently under this project we are feeding 225 women and children in 5 different shelters homes. Till date we have served over 2.5 lakh meals in Delhi NCR.
While our Daily Meals programme ensures that the residents of our shelter homes are given basic healthy and nutritious food on a daily basis, by means of the Host a Special Meal programme, we strive to break the monotony of type of food we serve to our beneficiaries. From biryani dinner parties at our shelters, to monsoon pakoda parties at our old age homes and pizza treats at our orphanages, Wishes and Blessings is equipped to organise special meals for all its beneficiaries at the request of donors. The USP of this programme is presence and participation of donors at the time of the meal either in person or through technology