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“There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

The people and especially children we work with have faced hardships and challenging circumstances from a very young age and have been deprived of the simple joys and celebrations most of us enjoy. While we have the luxury of celebrating all our happy moments and achievements with our loved ones, our beneficiaries only have access to basic necessities in the shelter homes that they live in, and do not get an opportunity to participate in such events. For them, smiling and happiness is indeed a rarity. Wishes and Blessings believes that happiness is a birth right and aims to spread simple joys to ensure lasting smiles. Our mission is to spread happiness among all the beneficiaries that we work with. We have developed several projects to achieve this aim.

A Birthday is the most awaited day for most children. Unfortunately millions of children in our country do not even know the meaning of a birthday and have never experienced the joy of cutting and eating a cake. We, at Wishes and Blessings believe that birthdays call for a celebration and we make a sincere effort to celebrate the birthdays of all children we work with. The “Birthday Manao” project is one of our flagship projects, wherein every month we celebrate the birthdays of visually impaired, homeless, street and HIV+ children by hosting joint birthday parties for all children born in the same month. Our children cherish the attention and importance they receive, resulting in a high self esteem and sense of belonging. Since 2014 we have celebrated over 300 birthdays.
Special occasions call for a celebration with loved ones. We invite you to share your special day/achievement with our beloved beneficiaries by hosting a special treat for them. The type of treat, audience, budget and purpose will all be customised according to the donor’s specification. Such treats can include fun excursions to monuments, exhibitions and museums, movie and meal treats and/or shopping experiences. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, promotion or any occasion, come share you happiness with underprivileged people and see the happiness and smiles multiply.
India is the land of festivals, and while each festival is unique and beautiful in its own way, the common thread that binds them all together is a huge celebration. The people we work with have rarely experienced the joy of celebrations and festivals are like any ordinary day for them. To make our beneficiaries and specially our children experience the happiness and gaiety associated with festivals, Wishes and Blessings religiously celebrates all major festivals including Diwali, Id, Gurpurab and Christmas in all our homes and shelters.