Mann Ka Tilak

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“When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises.”
Angela Merkel

In India 65% of the elderly population testifies to neglect and abuse. A severe shortage of old age homes has forced them to continue living in such condition or all by themselves. This section of the society has long been neglected, with various statistics verifying the same. According to conservative estimates, there is a requirement of over 15000 old age homes out of which only 750 homes presently exist. In order to fill this gap between the required and actual numbers of old age homes in our country, and with a motive to provide the elderly and neglected people the love and dignity they deserve; Wishes and Blessings aims to set up a series of old age homes in India. The first in this series; our pilot project: Mann Ka Tilak was inaugurated on the 25 th of April, 2018. This home is a private and charitable home for old and abandoned women in Delhi NCR and aims to provide them a lease of new life.

A happy place exclusively for old and abandoned women, with no financial or social support, to enable them to live as valued members of the society and receive the love, dignity and respect they deserve.

Mann ka Tilak would be our pilot project, a necessary step towards fulfilling our long term goal of setting up a chain of Old Age Homes. We will ensure complete transparency and accountability in running the old age home.

Mann ka Tilak would initially house 15 women and provide them with safe accommodation, a friendly and healthy environment, love, care, nourishment along with all basic amenities. All facilities will be provided free of cost to all residents.

Unique Facilities & Features

Clean and hygienic living conditions

Wholesome and nutritious food

Round the clock medical care and facilities

Recreational activities

Vocational training and workshops

Festive celebrations