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A Note from the President....

An ambiguous mix of excitement and nervousness is what I recall to be the overwhelming sentiment when I first established Wishes and Blessings in April 2014. A decision taken completely from my heart at the cost of leaving a successful career and raised eyebrows from loved ones; this step was the foundation towards making a childhood dream come true.

Wishes and Blessings was envisioned to be a platform for connecting donors with beneficiaries with the aim of spreading happiness and making dreams come true. The thinking behind the enterprise was simple- many of us have unfulfilled wishes while some of us are more blessed and can help others fulfill their wishes; in return of which we receive blessings. Hence the name Wishes and Blessings. We started by working with visually impaired children and soon our family grew to include orphanages, old age homes and shelters for the homeless. Presently, we work across age, gender, economic and social barriers and address nine pressing issues including education, food, health and happiness.

The journey so far has been immensely fulfilling to say the least. While disappointment, heartaches and frustration have also been frequent companions, the rewards in the form of heart-warming smiles and blessings have made it all worthwhile.

Now, as we launch our website, as an effort to showcase our activities and progress, I feel the same ambiguous mix, but with a sense of pride and happiness. We have indeed come a long way since we first started but our achievements motivate us to reach higher pinnacles while inspiring and empowering dreams all along. One step at a time and with your support, we believe that the sky is the limit and we shall reach it.

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Dr. Geetanjali Chopra