Sponsor a Childhood

Sponsor a Child


"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi

Changing the world is truly a daunting task. But you can change the world of one little child, and we have made the step forward a bit easier with our Sponsor a Childhood programme. How many times have you seen an unfortunate child and wished you could do something? How often have you wondered how to change a child’s future but not known how to go about it? Wishes and Blessings provides the opportunity to make a valuable difference in the lives of underprivileged children who have been denied the most basic right, the Right to Education.

Wishes and Blessings aims to support education for underprivileged children through its Sponsor a Childhood programme. This programme makes it possible for an individual, organisation or corporate to sponsor the cost of one or more aspects of a child’s education for inclusive social growth.Since, Wishes and Blessings works with children from diverse backgrounds, you can choose to sponsor underprivileged girls and boys as well as differently abled children.The objective is to financially support a child until till he/she is able to support him/herself.
Wishes and Blessings acts as a fully transparent platform to connect people who need help to the people who want to help. The sponsor a childhood programme is unique because we believe in building a strong sponsor-child relationship through engrossing interactions and personal visits. You, as a sponsor, have the opportunity to become a mentor, a friend, a shoulder for the children to fall back on. YOU play a pivotal role in the personal and emotional growth of the child. This interaction and bond could be a life changing experience for you and the child you sponsor!
You can Sponsor a Childhood for as little as Rs 2,500 per month. Also, if you wish to sponsor a child partially, we can help you find a co-sponsor to make this responsibility possible. Through Wishes and Blessings, you can institute memorial sponsorships/ scholarship for a beloved family member or a friend as well. All donations made in favor of Wishes and Blessings receive tax benefits u/s 80G of the Income tax Act.

Sponsorship Steps

1) Voicing Intent - Express your desire to gift a child a life full of hope.
2) Processing of Request - Our team provides you with all necessary information.
3) Identifying - Based on your inputs we allocate a child to you.
4) Beginning of a New Journey- Congratulations! As soon as you pay the fee ( first installment/full fee) you have begun your journey as the Angel in an under-privileged child's life.
5)Sponsorship entitles you to - documentation and complete paperwork of the child, regular contact and correspondence, reports, updates and the opportunity to make a sustainable difference
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